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Pretty in Pink

Did you know dogs have rather poor eyesight? They are colour blind and can’t distinguish between shades. Good thing dogs aren’t wine drinkers. One of the most pleasurable aspects of wine is enjoying its colour. And in the long summer evenings, we’re finding that our glasses look pretty in pink.

The subtle shades of rosé are delicate and beautiful. Ranging from soft coral to almost red, rosé wines have their own rainbow. The pink tint you see in a glass of rosé comes from a) the kind of grapes used and b) the amount of time the grape skins have been left to mingle with the wine juice before separated. Generally speaking, the longer the skins are left in the vat, the darker the colour. But just like red and white wines, each kind of rosé wine has its own unique characteristics and flavours.

Quick shade spectrum roundup:

Rose petal pink: Light pink rosés are typically borne from Provence and are most often made from Grenache or Cinsault grapes. Light, dry and crisp with flavours of raspberries, cherries, sometimes even citrus notes.

Proper pink: There are so many shades of rosé, they cannot be categorised in one little box, but a bright pink rosé will tend to be fresh, fruity and punchy. Italian rosé, rosato, specifically from Puglia, is renowned for making distinct rosés. Try our kegged Italian rosé for a mouthful of smooth fresh berries.

Verging towards red: Sometimes made from Syrah grapes, this shade is going to be your strongest rosé, due to the grape being so tannic. More spicy and hearty, this kind of rosé can even be paired with meat dishes. Look out for Tavel rosés. An AOC in southern Rhône, France, Tavel rosés are robust and fresh.

Our Whippets Daisy and Hilda - they can definitely see the ball - maybe not the colour of it though!

Rosés reach full capacity on the moreish scale in the height of summer, i.e right now, so why not consider stocking a kegged rosé?

These pretty pink wines are refreshing, characterful and gorgeous to look at, it’s a shame our office whippets can’t appreciate them.

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