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Cabernet Sauvignon - King of Grapes

When you want a robust red wine, chances are, you can’t go wrong with a big glass of Cabernet Sauvignon. Picture a jolly king, heartily laughing at the head table - that’s Cabernet Sauvignon: handsome, strong, a leader not to be messed around with. In other words, a glass of Cab Sauv should elevate your meal or gathering from meh to marvelous.

The grape itself is one which can be grown fairly easily. As long as it’s in a warm climate, it is pretty dependable, and as such, Cabernet Sauvignon is found in wine-producing regions all around the world. It is in fact the world’s most common grape variety. Different terrain, of course, produces different products, but the typical warm flavours of dark berries, cedar and leather of a good Cab Sauv make it a favourite partner for family gatherings or special-occasion steaks. Our Cabernet Sauvignon from Italy has a lovely black-current flavour and has a gorgeous deep red hue that is immediately attractive.

Our Cabernet Sauvignon is a fantastic wine to stock in restaurants or gastropubs as it packs a punch flavour-wise, but is not too jammy as some house red wines tend be. A genuine king of grapes, Cabernet-Sauvignon will forever reign as the go-to red wine for meal pairings and fire-lit evenings.

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