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nucleated wine glass

As we have discussed previously, there are three different styles of prosecco,

Frizzante – gently sparkling

Spumante – vigorously sparkling

Tranquilo – still (not common)

All our sparkling wines are frizzante style. This is a great wine for parties and celebrations because it’s easier to digest, you can drink more of it (always good) and goes better with food.

All sparkling wine in keg is frizzante. It doesn’t matter which company produces them or imports them. Frizzante is the only option and the reason is the pressure that the keg is under. A keg of frizzante is under 1-2.5 atmospheres (14.7-37psi) this is safe for the keg but any more would be dangerous.

A spumante wine in a bottle is under 3 atmospheres or more. The nature of the bottle means it can take a greater pressure safely. In a keg, wine under this pressure would be unsafe.

This is the reason we have created special nucleated glassware. You have probably already had a drink from a nucleated glass if you enjoy a pint of lager. Breweries often put a small widget into the bottom of the glass to encourage the bubbles to fizz. We’ve done this with our glassware so that each and every glass poured has a more vibrant sparkle.

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