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wines by the keg

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A new and innovative way to serve the highest quality wines using a keg system. Whether its a party, bar or club – offering still or sparkling wine from an on-tap service makes for a real talking point, and commercial sense too.

Why Serve Wine like this? What’s wrong with a bottle?

  • We love the fact that serving wine in this way is incredibly efficient, environmentally friendly and super fresh.

  • There is no wastage.

  • The weight of a keg is far less than the equivalent 32 heavy glass bottles and so this means the carbon footprint is drastically reduced.

  • If your bar offers a wine by the glass menu, you will never need to waste another bottle – serving this way keeps the wine as fresh as if it had just left the vineyard.

  • Serve in this way and offer your customers the option of buying by the carafe, in half litre or litre as well as by the glass. Maximising opportunity to sell by multiple sizes increases the opportunity for sales.

  • Reduce the cost of glass bottle disposal, and the cost of storage.

  • Serve in this way, for extra off-licence opportunities, offer a unique refill service. Your customers will be able to take home their favourite wine, and you will increase sales opportunities.

  • Use a wine on tap system for a fast serve. Especially good for events and where there are large crowds needing quick service.

  • We can also provide you with expert technical services – just ask us about installation nationwide.

Join the wine by the glass revolution

What’s In Stock

Since 2014 we have been importing wine directly from the vineyard in kegs to supply licenced traders with Italian frizzante (100% glera, the prosecco grape variety).

We now also sell still red, white and rose' wine in kegs.

Serving wine on tap makes sound commercial sense. All you need is a spare beer line or a Lindr/Portapint machine and you have a wine on tap system. It’s the same process as serving a beer on draught.

Our wines are available in 20 and 24 litre Poly kegs. The keg can be connected to a spare beer line, in much the same way as a new product would be added to your existing draught products. The keg uses a standard style keg coupler which is fitted to the line using standard push-fit connectors.
Our wine must then pass through a standard remote cooling unit and python up to the bar. It is then dispensed in exactly the same way as any other draught product, via a normal tap.
Alternatively use a Lindr or PortaPint machine to go mobile.
Ideal for ;
Members Clubs
Catering organisations
Business conventions
Mobile Bars

Sparkling Wines

Premium quality still and sparkling wine on draught

sparkling wine on tap
keg wine

Red wines on tap

Only the Best

Red Wine keg

We love wine

We love wine at The Wine Keg Company. Our success is founded on a strong belief that we can provide excellent quality still and sparkling wine to our on-trade customers by the glass that is value for money, environmentally friendly, and always fresh.
Our producers use the very latest technology to combine a passion for winemaking and the wine by the keg revolution in the UK.

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